Crypto deposits can take up to 1-3 hours to receive 3-6 confirmations on the processing network.

If the funds have not arrived at your wallet after the advised timeframe, kindly ensure that:

  • The transaction address is correct.
  • The funds sent are Bitcoin (BTC) and NOT Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
  • It is a unique, unused transaction address.
  • You have checked BLOCKCHAIN'S or BLOCKCHAIR'S website. Simply enter the transaction address in the search bar. Check the number of confirmations, must be a minimum of 3.

Payment statuses on your deposit request also assist you in indicating the status of your deposit.


  • This is the first status you will receive when depositing. This status means that we have not received the funds and therefore, are not being processed on the Blockchain network. Click on PAY next to the deposit request to finalize the payment.


  • The funds have been received and were sent over to the Blockchain network and require 3-6 confirmations. They will be automatically credited to your account once the process is complete.


  • Your deposit has been approved and is available in your wallet!


  • The deposit has either been timed out or you have canceled the request. 


  • Your deposit has been rejected. A reason can be seen in the comment section and an email notifying you of the rejection will be sent.