To begin tapping into the Trading world, you will need to download MetaTrader.

EmpowerFX currently runs on MetaTrader4, however, MetaTrader5 will be introduced to our platform in the near future.

Before downloading MetaTrader, we recommend that you create a LIVE or DEMO account.

To download MetaTrader on iOS, start by:


  • Accessing the APP STORE
  • Searching for METATRADER4 in the search bar - Or CLICK HERE.
  • Tapping on the GET or CLOUD icon to download MetaTrader.

  • Tapping on OPEN when the application has downloaded.

  • Tap on SETTINGS.


  • Tap on NEW ACCOUNT.


Search for our server in the search bar.

  • Select EMPOWERLLC-DEMO if you are connecting to a demo account.
  • Select EMPOWERLLC-LIVE if you are connecting to a live account. 

  • Enter your login credentials you have received via email - CLICK HERE.
  • Tap on SIGN IN when ready.

If you have successfully connected to your account, the SETTINGS page should look like this: