To proceed with joining a fund, make sure that the following steps have been completed:

  • Have funds in your account. If you have not made a deposit until now, click here to follow our step by step guide.
  • Carried out an internal transfer. Once a deposit is made, your funds will be available in your wallet. You will need to move these funds to your Investor account. Click here to follow our step by guide on this.

When you have completed the steps listed above, you would need to go to the PAMM System to select a fund to join and invest in.

  • Go to the MY ACCOUNTS tab.
  • Click on the Action Button on your PAMM Account.

  • Find the fund that you wish to join from the available list and click on Join

  • Insert the Username and Password* provided via email when registering your PAMM Investor Account.

*In order to be able to join a Fund, you must use the Trader Password and not the Investor Password.

  • Enter the desired Initial Investment amount.
  • Check the PAMM Service Terms agreement box.
  • Click on Invest to finish.