Creating an Offer is the first and most important step for a Money Manager. By creating an Offer, you will be able to set multiple fees which will need to be paid by the Investor.

It is important to immediately create your Offer or amend the DEFAULT OFFER. The default offer is automatically created by the system which contains no fees. 

To create your Offer, you will need to:

  • Access your PAMM FUND.
  • Go to the OFFERS tab.
  • Click on the plus icon to CREATE or AMEND.

  • Enter a NAME for your offer.
  • You may also add a DESCRIPTION if necessary.

  • Access THE FUNthat you created and click on the OFFERS tab.

  • In the TRADING INTERVAL section, you can set how often the Offer will be charged. You may decide between DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS, or ROLLOVER.

  • In this section, you may set requirements for the MINIMUM DEPOSIT, WITHDRAWAL, and INITIAL INVESTMENT.


  • The fee is calculated depending on the profit generated.
  • Depending on the profit, the Manager can set a percentage to be deducted from the profit.
  • This fee may be tiered with ranging percentages.
  • The fee is always charged in percentage and not monetary value.

EXAMPLE - There is $1000 in the pool of funds. If the Manager generates 0-40% ($1-$400) profit, there is a 10% fee. Profits from 41% and onwards, will have a 15% fee.


  • The fee is calculated depending on the amount invested.
  • Charged on the trading interval set by the Manager.
  • This fee may be tiered with ranging percentages or also by monetary value.
  • You will need to click on the % or $ symbol to select between the two.

EXAMPLE - If the Investor deposits $0-$300, there is a $25 fee. If the Investor deposits $301 and onwards, there is a $15 fee.


  • The fee is calculated on each deposit.
  • Charged immediately upon approval of the request.
  • The fee is always charged in percentage and not in monetary value.

EXAMPLE - If the Investor deposits from $0-$500, there is a 12% fee. If the Investor deposits $501 and onwards, there is a 7% fee.